Duo Block

18" Starts at $2,100 Per Wheel
  • Size available from 18" to 24"
  • Width available from 8" to 16"
  • Custom Made in USA
  • Custom size, PCD, and centre bore
  • Center Lock conversion for OE equipped center lock systems
  • Each set of wheels are individually designed and machined for each car
  • Machined from aerospace-grade forged 6061-T6 aluminum alloy
  • Offered with Exposed, 50/50, or Hidden hardware
  • Titanium hardware is available
  • Lightweight construction with back pocketing as standard to reduce weight
  • Max concavity designed for each vehicle's brake clearances
  • Custom finishes are available
  • FEA tested to VIA, SAE and TUV safety standards

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We offer extensive customization options for our wheels so you can build the wheels the way you want...

Premium Finishes

We offer a vast collection of custom powder coat finishes including solid tone colors, hand-brushed finishes, transparent finishes, and high-luster polished finishes. If you are not sure what finishes look the best for your car, contact us and we will help with the selection.

Center Cap Style

Choose between our standard Sports aluminum billet center cap, or upgrade to center lock style "Lock" cap.

Standard Sports Cap
Center Lock Style "Lock" Cap

Accent Cap Color

Add accent color to your wheel. We can finish the center caps in a different color to resonate with your car, brake caliper, or accent colors on your car.

Cap Carbon Insert

All wheels come standard with a 2x2 twill weave carbon fiber center cap insert. Or upgrade to Forged Carbon insert, Forged Carbon with Gold Accent insert, or Forged Carbon with Silver Accent insert.

2x2 Twill Weave Carbon Fiber Insert
Forged Carbon Fiber
Forged Carbon With Gold Accent
Forged Carbon Fiber with Silver Accent

Color Text Fill

Fill the rim text with a color of your choosing.

Weight Reduction

Back pocketing for further wheel weight reduction comes standard on every set of our wheels. It reduces the overall unsprung weight of the wheel to further enhance performance upgrade.


Choose between Stainless steel and Gloss PVD Black hardware. Titanium hardware upgrade option is also available.
*Modular Wheels Only

Center Lock Conversion

All wheel designs can be converted to center lock style to suit OE center lock systems i.e Porsche, Lamborghini.

Personal Engraving

Engrave your personal message, sigils, or logo on your wheels.