Dodge Viper RT/10

Wheel Specs:
F: 19x10 R: 19x12.5
Wheel Finish:
Black Chrome

First generation Dodge Viper was built between 1991-1995. The RT/10 Roadster hit the market back in January 1992. With a bit of help from Lamborghini on the design of its V10 engine, the Viper was capable of pushing out 4000 hp at 4,600 rpm and 465 ft-lb at 3,600 rpm. Which is lighting fast at the time and can do 0-100 in just 4.2 seconds. However the car is notorious tricky to drive with high speed, which means a skilled operator is required to tame the beast. This Bespoke project is a symbol of elegant and simple design. To achieve the 5-spoke look, the centre hub area was created oversize to allow 6-lug bolt patter to drill in and maintain the aesthetic of a 5-spoke wheel. Personalized "Viper RT/10" engraving was added onto a spoke of each wheel as per owner's request. The wheel face was designed in a ultra-concave profile to fully utilize the fender space for max concavity.

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Outlined below is the typical process of a Bespoke Forged project. We may request additional measurements and information throughout the process to ensure proper fitment and optimal design.

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You bring your concept forward to our team, and work together in building a fully fleshed out model of your idea.

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The designers optimize the wheel design and run them through rigorous tests and simulations to exceed applicable safety standards.

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The finalized blueprints are approved by you before they are  sent to our manufacturer for production!

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