Audi RS6 Avant

Wheel Specs:
F: 22x10.5 R: 22x10.5
Wheel Finish:
Finished in Satin Brushed Aluminum

Lauded for it’s incredible noise, handling and thrill to drive, the RS6 delivers near supercar performance with family SUV space and perks (all-wheel drive and more). Purchasing the optional carbon-ceramic brakes will unlock the vehicles 190mph top speed. Audi nailed the looks as well - sleek and aggressive while somehow embracing it’s wagon bulk. Boasting a 4.0L V8 Twin-Turbo V8, it delivers 591hp and 590 lb-ft of torque and can do 0-60mph in 3.1s. This project was done for the RS6 with a special request to have beveled and rounded lip for a classic look.

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Outlined below is the typical process of a Bespoke Forged project. We may request additional measurements and information throughout the process to ensure proper fitment and optimal design.

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You bring your concept forward to our team, and work together in building a fully fleshed out model of your idea.

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The designers optimize the wheel design and run them through rigorous tests and simulations to exceed applicable safety standards.

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The finalized blueprints are approved by you before they are  sent to our manufacturer for production!

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