The Bespoke Forged Project: An Inside Look on the Custom Forged Wheels

If you happen to be looking for wheels that will compliment your car's looks while offering maximum durability and customizability , then forged wheels are the best option. Forged wheels demand a higher level of craftsmanship and a much more complex production process compared to cast wheels. . The raw aluminum alloy undergoes tremendous heat and pressure to form the forgings that are used to manufacture forged wheels. The forged aluminum has a highly aligned grain structure and is free of void which makes it a much stronger material compared to cast aluminum.

What are forged wheels?

Forged wheels have become a favorite among racing enthusiasts as well as streetcar enthusiasts due to their incredible durability and aesthetic design. Forged wheels  are made from a solid aluminum cylinder that is heated to allow pressurized machines to shape the wheels/forgings . It gets its name from the process of forging a single piece of aluminum into the shape of the wheel rims. In 1983, BBS Wheels introduced mold-forged wheels to the market. Since then, with the development of precision CNC machines, machine-forged wheels were introduced to the market, and are widely adopted by major wheel forged manufacturers. They have been the best  choice for anyone looking to boost the appeal and performance of their car. 

How are forged wheels made and what are they made of?

A machine-forged wheel typically begins with a raw block of 6061 - T6 aluminum. It is heated up and put under immense pressure to press the  aluminum  into a forging . This allows the alloy to internally align the  grain structure and exclude the possibility of porosity and shrinkage. 

Once the forgings are produced  they are sent  through a series of  CNC machine operations. Here, the blanks will be machined into the desired profile and design of the wheel. A lathe  machine will cut out the wheel profile and barrel, then a milling machine will produce the spoke, center bore, lug holes and all other details on the front and back. Depending on the complexity of the design, the machining process can take up to 8-10 hours per wheel. During this process, the forging  loses 70-80% of its mass. After taking the milled wheel out of the CNC machine, it will undergo a series of hand and machine cleaning, then masterfully finished and painted by an artisan. Some premium finishes such as brushed finish may take 8 hours a wheel to apply. But the result is a lightweight, durable, and stunning looking wheel. This is the reason why forged wheels come at a premium price tag.

As a result of the difference in the manufacturing process, forged wheels offer more benefits.. It allows a complete customization of the wheel design, specifications, and allows every set of wheels to be made to specifically fit your car. The result is that forged wheels are a much more superior and prestigious product. 

What is the Bespoke Forged Wheels Project?

JC Custom Forged Wheels offers you the ultimate custom wheel experience. If you're looking for a set of wheels that is truly unique,, the Bespoke Forged Wheels Project is the program for you. We offer a professional, vehicle-specific engineering and personalized design. The service offers a 6-Step process  that will capture the true essence of your visions . You will collaborate with industry professionals that will help create your own set of wheels while giving you complete control over every detail of the wheel design. 

The 6 Steps for the Bespoke Forged Project Service:

  1. Contact: The JC Custom Forged team consists of automotive enthusiasts with an engineer’s eye for design! If you are new to the forged wheel process or are just looking for premium service, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have an array of knowledgeable individuals committed to answering all your questions. Set up an appointment today to discuss your custom designs and we will respond to all your inquiries!
  2. Discuss: During this process, we will discuss your design ideas and the ways to achieve them.This will allow us to provide you with a timeline of our service. Not only that, but we will also determine the wheel specifications based on you vehicle information. 
  3. Design + Concept: This is where your idea comes in. Your vision for design, specifications, colors, and finishes is noted. We will complete design sketches that convey the design idea onto paper . We will be with you every step of the way to ensure your design comes to life the way you intended.
  4. Computerize & Design Iteration: An initial computer  model will be constructed to visualize the wheel's design in 3D. The design will go through as many iterations as needed to satisfy your requirements. As part of our review and revision process, we will align our professional opinions with your original design. Then a design engineer will finalize the design with you. Once the appearance design is finalized, FEA tests will be performed to ensure that the design wheels will meet VIA, JWL and TUV safety standards on impact, fatigue and radial loading tests. By doing so, we can optimize the wheel design and  further reduce weight and improve safety. Once the design is confirmed, the engineering CAD documents  will be sent to our  manufacturer to bring your ambitions to life.
  5. Machining & Finishing: The wheels will be made by our manufacturer who meets our most stringent standards. Our Quality Assurance checks  are made in consultation with the manufacturer to produce consistent and high-quality finishes  on all wheels. Your wheels are created using high-precision CNC machines,and finished by highly-experienced artisans.. We perform our QC process when the wheels are finished. We inspect the wheels for all critical measurements as well as the finishes before we shipping the wheels to you.
  6. Delivery: After the wheels have passed the quality assurance checks , they will be carefully packaged and shipped to you once the final payment has been received. Then the tracking number is provided so that you will be able to keep track of your wheels. .  

Why you should choose the Bespoke Forged Project

The Bespoke Design Project allows you to bring your ideas to life with unrivaled control. Here at JC Custom Forged, we believe that a wheel's function should not compromise its aesthetics. Rather, we strive to find the perfect fit for your ride. The custom wheels we provide are crafted and tailored to you to provide the highest level of performance and luxury that you deserve. 

Throughout the engineering design process, your opinions are validated and your input is crucial. Our  process ensures that every design is customized specifically for your car. A team of design engineers create 3D model renders to generate accurate visualization of the  wheels and we are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

We partner with our trusted manufacturers to guarantee the highest quality and a quick turnaround time. Throughout the manufacturing process, we implement our quality check process to make sure to pay close attention to every critical measurement.

Our goal is to make your imagination a reality. We want to be there every step of the way, from the planning process to when your tires touch the pavement.. Get in touch with us today or visit us at JC Custom Forged and we will be more than happy to guide you to the perfect set of wheels!